Version 2.0 Last updated: 11/18/2006 Spider-Man, from MvsC.


Version 2.0  Last updated 11/02/2006 Iron-Man, from Marvel Super Heroes. 


Hulk, from MvsC.


Version 1.0 (last updated 02/20/2005)Flash, from Justice League.


Last updated: 04/09/2006 Aquaman, from Justice League.


Version 1.5 Last updated 03/06/2005Guy Gardner, from DC comics.


Erradicator, from The Death and Return of Super-Man.


Updating... Superboy, from The Death and Return of Super-Man. 


version 1.0 released in 02/27/2005Lion-O, from the cartoon show ThunderCats.


Ver. 1.5 Last updated: September 15 2002 Hyoga, from the Japanese anime Saint Seiya. Main Files   Intro Files


Araknen, version 1.0 (03/28/2004)  Araknen, from the anime show Saint Seiya.


Last Updated: 4/9/2006 Raphael, from TMNT.


Version Final(?)  Last updated 12/24/2001 Donatello, from TMNT.