Download MUGEN!Hi, my name is Erradicator and this is my little MUGEN page, MUGEN is an awesome 2d fighting game engine that allows you to create your own fighting character.





04/11/2007 - Just in case people are unaware about this: All the characters featuring on this site are also current WIPs of mine.

03/31/2007 - Enough of forum only releases, this site is now officially BACK and kicking!! Now, p-l-e-a-s-e, stop the begging and junk mail... :p                                                               By the way, I kept on the site only the characters I still plan on developing...

03/13/2005 - Cable updated again, mainly a bug fix release.

03/06/2005 - Guy Gardner updated, many thanks to my friends SLotman and Loganir.

02/27/2005 - Lion-O FINALLY released. He was very anticipated, but it was worth the wait. Kudos to my friend Hystalin for the sprite editing work!

02/20/2005 - Flash updated/released, now he has Capcom styled edited sprites, thanks to my friend Black Dragon. :) Get him at the usual place...

02/11/2005 - Cable updated, now much better looking...

01/29/2005 - Cable released, check it out on the characters page.

01/22/2005 - New year, new release. Another DC comics character this time, it's the Green Lantern Guy Gardner.  Enjoy!

12/26/2004 - Wonder Woman is updated and finally featuring on this site. This version is mainly a bug fix release with enhanced gameplay. And merry Christmas for you all! :)

03/28/2004 - Araknen, a silver saint from saint seiya,  is released. And Jabu is removed to make room for more characters (also, there is a better one out, by mugeneration ;))

10/23/2003 - Inside the Matrix code stage uploaded to the new server...

09/12/2003 - Flash updated! Now he is a much more solid character. By far my best from DC comics...

09/07/2003 - New server, now Presstart MUGEN is hosted on Thanks to my friend Silencer! :)     Today is Brasil's independence day, I'm out to see the parades! :)

07/29/2003 - Finally the long awaited release, Spider-Man our friendly neighborhood is updated. As usual get him from the characters page. You'll need Winace to decompress him. More details about what's new on the forum.

07/28/2003 - Aquaman reuploaded. He was offline for a long time, now you can download him again! :)

06/19/2003 - Iron-Man finally updated, he got a lot of new and original (but balanced) stuff, go check it out! :)

06/13/2003 - The Flash released, one more DC comics character. This time one of my favorites! :)    enjoy!

05/25/2003 - "Inside the Matrix code" stage updated. You play surrounded by the green Matrix code scrolling down, simple as that but hell of fun! :) 

04/27/2003 - Babel, a silver saint from Saint Seiya, is released. Not much on this alpha release but it's worth checking it out, he has nice sfx...

04/24/2003 - Forum reopened! Check it out, it's ezboard now! :) click here and have fun!

02/22/2003 - Wow!! A (late) Happy new year and thanks for the 70k plus visits! To celebrate: Jabu, The unicorn saint from Saint Seiya is released and the Lights spark pack is updated. Enjoy! :) 

12/25/2002 - Merry Christmas!! :)  There'll be a Christmas release(s) on the upcoming days, stay tuned! ;)

11/14/2002 - The Matrix has you...   check it out on the Stages/Add-ons page...

10/04/2002 - The Incredible Hulk (:b) released/updated. Very true to the games he came from, check it out!

09/15/2002 - Hyoga updated, an important update that really adds much to him.

08/27/2002 - Iron-Man updated. This is the second pre-final version (shame on me :b) some really needed improvements...

07/04/2002 - Hyoga released! Be prepared... you have never seen a Saint Seiya character like him before... ;) 

04/29/2002 - Iron-Man pre-final version is ready for download. Lots of new stuff added.

03/24/2002 - Wonder Woman is updated and up for grabs, go get this hot Amazon NOW! She's better than ever...

03/16/2002 - Lights spark pack updated, I managed to get it even more beautiful. As usual, get it here.

01/27/2002 - Stages/Add-ons page is up and running, I' m releasing a VERY impressive looking spark pack with amazing transparency and light effects. Aside from that, my Spider-Man got an award from MugenShock ,he is the Character of the Month Dec 2001. Thanks a lot guys! :)

12/25/2001 - Merry Christmas, I have a gift (four actually) to you guys, there is a HUGE site update, Iron-Man, Spider-Man, Donatello and Aquaman are all updated.

11/26/2001 - New Spider-Man, big release, go check him.

10/08/2001 - New Iron-Man beta, great improvements this time.

09/23/2001 - New beta of Iron-Man and the final version of Raphael. Enjoy!

09/16/2001 - New site finally opened to the public, and to celebrate there is the first version of Iron Man available for download, go get him NOW! 


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